When you enroll your dog in our curriculum, we will discuss the goals you have for your dog and explain the specially-designed program we will follow to help your dog meet and exceed those goals and grow to their maximum potential.

Every time a dog is handled at our facility, we work to bring out the best in that dog while teaching him how to learn. Various factors contribute to how long a dog should remain in training, most critically a client’s goal for the dog.

Collar conditioning at Hendricks Kennels is second to none. Steve has been an authorized Tri-Tronics/Garmin dealer for 25 years and regularly conducts seminars on the proper use of the E-collar. The electronic collar makes it easier for dogs to learn as the collar reinforces what the dog already knows. Every dog is an individual and should be trained and taught at the appropriate level of intensity.

Basic Obedience Training

Basic Obedience Training requires approximately one month of training on lead. This training makes your dog compliant with most city leash laws.

Advanced Obedience Training

Advanced Obedience Training, also called Off Lead Training, normally takes two months total or one month additional after the Basic Obedience Training.

During the second month of training, dogs are collar conditioned; obedience commands are patented; and dogs are trained to ignore tempting distractions like cats, kids, squirrels; other dogs and more. Advanced Obedience graduates will know how to walk tractably off-lead to heel.

Steve Hendricks says: “If you are planning to keep your dog for twelve to fifteen years, the two-month Obedience Training is a must. Trust me, you will thank us later!”


Before bringing your dog into the kennel for training, we require proof of vaccinations including rabies and Bordatella (kennel cough). The monthly training fee will include boarding, healthy food, heartworm prevention, and most importantly owner schooling or handler training, sometimes referred to as Handlers’ College. You are welcome to bring some of your dog’s food, if you would like, to transition him to our food – Purina Pro Plan Sport.

Handlers’ College can commence two weeks after your dog begins training at Hendricks Kennels.  Our clients are invited and encouraged to learn how to handle their professionally-trained dog during these private handler training sessions. We ask that you and your family schedule visits with us following your dog’s second week of training so he can adapt to our environment and our staff.

Obedience training is the foundation for more advanced work.


It all begins with Obedience. Whether your dog is small or large, a family companion or a champion competition retriever, obedience is the foundation of dog training.”

– Dorothy Ruehman