Steve Hendricks 


Owner and Professional Trainer Steve Hendricks has more than 30 years of experience training dogs by a proven system based on respect and compassion. Hunting alongside his finely-trained retrievers for more than 20 years, Steve worked as a professional waterfowl guide with “Texas Waterfowl Outfitters”.

Today Steve is an avid waterfowl hunter, renowned marksman, leader in the community, and most importantly a loving father to his son Waylon and his daughter Tyler. In his office, you cannot miss the numerous duck and goose calling championship trophies he has earned. As time permits, Steve still serves as a judge for waterfowl calling contests, qualifying callers for the prestigious world championship held in Stuttgart, Arkansas.

In the competition retriever world, Steve is highly respected having trained and handled national champions – including hall of fame retrievers; professional guide dogs; hunting retrievers; as well as thousands of beloved and obedient companion dogs.

These attributes afford Steve Hendricks with the necessary experience and know-how needed to train the ultimate hunting retriever. Call Hendricks Kennels today to set up an initial free evaluation for your retriever, and if accepted, begin a proper training program designed specifically for your dog.

Hendricks Kennels’ Professional Dog Training is designed to offer a life-enriching experience for you and your canine companion.

Adam Moore

General Manager

When it comes to dog training, let’s face it-‘you either got it or you don’t’ and while Adam Moore is full of passion for your pet, he is wanting to build his career as an all-around trainer, and this is what brought him to Hendricks Kennels.

He first began training Walker Deerhounds and fully understood the tracking dog. Training his first gun dog at 16, Shelby, a Cocker Spaniel, his passion for a finely tuned hunting companion began. Since that time he has trained multiple breeds of tracking dogs and pointers as well as many companion dogs belonging to family and friends. From a very early age, he learned to understand the motivation of different dog personalities and formed an ever-lasting bond with dogs in general. 

Beyond training the working dog or pet, what I enjoy most is exposing a dog’s true potential and teaching their owners what makes their dog incredible, as well as how to handle them. Understanding your pet or gun dog is what creates bonds and in my opinion, personal relationships are what life is all about.

A strong family man and Christian, he is focused on creating lasting relationships with everyone he meets and exceeding their expectations. With his goals set on being a national level hunt test competitor, he is sure to be well known throughout the training field. Whether you want your dog to be an obedient and well mannered house dog, or you have a new pup with your sights set on competitive retriever training, he will work thoroughly to ensure that you and your family leave the facility with not only a well trained dog, but also a true understanding of what your dog knows and how that applies to your day to day lives so that you can take advantage of daily training opportunities. 

If you want someone that is on fire for unlocking your dog’s potential and taking them to the next level, Adam is the trainer you have been looking for!